Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point & Surrounding Areas of North Carolina

Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point & Surrounding Areas of North Carolina

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For Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point & Surrounding Areas of NC

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Beaver Tree is a full-service tree company serving Winston Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding areas in the Triad. We are passionate about providing expert advice and service to our customers.

Don’t Ignore A Dead Or Diseased Tree In Your Yard

When left alone, they can develop mildew and invite insects to infest your property. If you’re looking for tree removal, pruning and trimming, or stump grinding services, you need a tree expert to get the job done quickly and safely.

More Information About Tree Care

Be sure to check out our blog below for more information about tree care, seasonal tips, and more. If there’s a tree in your yard that needs some professional attention, contact our tree service experts today.

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spring-flowering trees in triad, north carolina - magnolia

Best Spring-Flowering Trees in the Triad Area

Whether you’d like to reap some of the many benefits of trees by planting some on your property, or you’re just wondering what kinds of trees bloom here, we’ve listed some of our favorite spring-flowering trees in the Triad area below. There are many more to choose from, but these beauties definitely top our list.
tree topping

Tree Topping: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Although you may see others topping their trees, the sad fact is that it eventually leads to dead, dying, or diseased trees that look awful, attract bugs and pests, and constantly need to be pruned. Tree topping is actually the second most common cause of tree decline and death (the first is planting a tree too deeply in the ground).
tree stump needs stump grinding

How Does a Stump Grinder Remove Tree Stumps?

Stump grinding is messy, noisy and dangerous but it's the most effective way to permanently remove a tree stump without damaging your lawn or property. Learn how it works and then hire a pro to do it properly and safely!
when you need tree removal

How to Tell When It’s Time to Remove a Tree

It's not always easy to know when a tree should be cut down. This list will help you decide if your tree is OK or if it should be removed.