Why Is My Tree Leaning? Can I Fix It?

A deciduous tree appears to be leaning in North Carolina.

People often have questions about their leaning trees and wonder if they can fix it. Get answers to all your questions and find out why it happens, if it’s dangerous and how to prevent and fix a leaning tree.

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Cheap Tree Service: Why it Costs You More in the Long Run

It’s tempting to hire a tree service at very cheap rates, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But should you? The answer is a resounding “no!” – although probably not for the reasons you may expect. It’s frustrating to see people choose cheap tree service instead of hiring certified arborists and trained, professional tree…

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Tree Topping: Common Myths & The Real Facts

tree topping

Although you may see others topping their trees, the sad fact is that it eventually leads to dead, dying, or diseased trees that look awful, attract bugs and pests, and constantly need to be pruned. Tree topping is the second most common cause of tree decline and death (the first is planting a tree too deeply in the ground).

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