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Our Kernersville tree service customers often ask us about issues related to permits for tree cutting, tree and yard waste removal, if the weather will affect their scheduled tree work, and more.

We want to ensure that you're fully informed about all aspects of tree work and are comfortable that any tree work we do for you is done properly and in compliance with any Kernersville regulations.

Because trees are such a beautiful part of the Kernersville area, we also share tree-related programs and events that you may enjoy. Plus, we've included links to relevant city departments.

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The Kernersville tree care professionals from Beaver Tree will work with you to safely remove your tree(s), eliminate tree stumps, prune and shape trees for health and beauty, and help your trees withstand storms.

Weather & Air Quality in Kernersville

Tree and yard work often depends on weather conditions. Check the forecast and air quality measures before and scheduled tree work to see if your tree job might be affected.


This constantly-updated site tracks tree, grass and ragweed pollen counts in Kernersville, NC so you can plan your outdoor time without aggravating your allergies.

The site breaks pollen counts down by tree pollen, grass and ragweed pollen so you can get a personalized allergy forecast based on whichever type of pollen you're most allergic to.

>> Allergy Tracker for Kernersville

This forecast for ozone and particulate matter gives you a good idea of what air quality in Kernersville is expected to be like over the next 3 days. It covers the entire Triad, NC area and can help you plan your time outdoors to avoid the days or times with the worst forecasted air quality.

>> Forsyth County Air Quality Forecast

The goals of the Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection and the Environmental Assistance and Protection Board are to protect public health and the environment of Forsyth County (including Kernersville) by minimizing the impacts of environmental contaminants, educating the public about pollution prevention and promoting conservation of natural resources in the community.

Learn more here >>

Seasonal Tree Care Checklist

Knowing the simple things you can do each season to keep your trees healthy can make a big difference in their safety and appearance.

Kernersville Brush, Leaf & Yard Waste Disposal

Leaves, brush and other yard waste can be disposed of and/or collected by the town of Kernersville Department of Sanitation.

According to Sec. 8-37 of Kernersville’s Code of Ordinances, “When work that generates bulky yard waste is contracted to landscapers, tree service contractors or other commercial workers, the contracting party is responsible for the removal and disposal of all products.”

If you've hired a company to do tree work in Kernersville, that company is responsible for cleaning up and removing all debris.

The owner or occupant of a single-family house is responsible for properly disposing of any tree trimmings and yard waste resulting from work they've performed on the property.

Bulky yard waste is defined as:

  • limbs and brush that will not fit in a Town-issued Yard Waste Cart

It does not include small yard waste such as leaves, plant trimmings, or other soft or green yard waste - those go in the green yard waste cart.

Limbs and brush must be cut into sections no more than 6 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter or less.

Bulky yard waste piles must be separated from all other types of waste and must be free of trash. Place branches with the cut end facing the street so it's easier to pick up.

Fees may be assessed for piles larger than a truckload.

Yard waste generated through the work of landscape contractors (including a tree service company) is not collected by the Town and must be disposed of by the company who did the work.

Put leaves in your yard waste (green) cart.

Leaves are collected during the Spring Clean-up and Leaf Season (Use the “My Schedule” tool for dates) at the curb or edge of pavement on your property only

The Town of Kernersville collects leaves on a rotating basis, making an equal number of passes by each residence

If you need leaves collected by a specific date, place them at the curb at least three weeks before that date to ensure collection. The Town does not provide call-in leaf collection services under any circumstances

PLEASE DO NOT place leaves or yard waste of any kind in roadways or thoroughfares; they pose an extreme traffic safety hazard, as well as clog storm drains and pipes

Do not bag leaves.

N.C. State Law prohibits the disposal of yard waste (e.g., leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs, brush, etc.) in sanitary landfills. That means it cannot be thrown out with the regular trash.

Yard Waste Management Facilities

There are two permanent yard waste drop-off and processing sites where you can take any yard waste that doesn't fit in your yard cart (or that you need to remove before the Sanitation department pickup) -

  • Overdale Yard Waste Facility at 4010 Old Milwaukee Ln. in Winston-Salem [Map]
  • Forum 52 Yard Waste Facility at 180 Northstar Dr. in Rural Hall [Map].

Both of these facilities, operated by a contractor, Wallace Farm, accept yard waste from the general public, private companies, and the City Sanitation yard waste collection crews throughout the year.

All yard waste other than loose leaves received at both facilities is ground and then transported to the contractor’s facility in Davie County.

Loose leaves delivered to the Forum 52 Yard Waste Facility are composted and distributed free of charge to the general public in the spring of each year.

Yard Waste Operating Hours

Days Overdale Yard Waste Facility Forum 52 Yard Waste Facility
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Both facilities are closed for the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

For more information about the yard waste facilities, please call CityLink at 336-727-8000.

Remove all tinsel, lights, decorations, tree stands and plastic bags from Christmas trees prior to collection.

You can also drop your Christmas tree off to be recycled

Click here for more details on Public Drop Off >>

Call 811 before you dig!

It's also a good idea to call before having tree work done - particularly stump grinding, tree removal and large pruning.

The Town of Kernersville Tree-Related Departments

The Commission is responsible for strategy, guidelines and programs related to trees on Town-owned or controlled property. 

(1) Develop a comprehensive strategy for the protection, maintenance, planting and removal of trees on Town-owned or controlled property and, from time to time, present the same as a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen for any action it desires to take.

(2) Develop, adopt, and maintain guidelines for the planting of trees in the community, including standards and specifications for plantings on street rights-of-way and adjacent to overhead and underground utilities, preferred trees for planting along street rights-of-way, and recommended tree species that are best suited for the community's climate and conditions.

(3) Develop, adopt, and maintain standards and practices for the conservation and maintenance of trees on Town-owned or controlled property.

(4) Develop and implement programs that educate the community about proper tree planting and maintenance practices, encourage volunteer tree planting efforts, and increase public awareness and support of the community's urban forest.

(5) Assist, when requested, in the planting, maintenance, and protection of trees on Town-owned or controlled property.

(6) Identify dead, dying, disease or insect-infested trees from Town-owned or controlled property.

(7) Adhere to and promote those Tree City USA Standards as promulgated by the National Arbor Day Foundation® including, in cooperation with the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission, assisting in the coordination and sponsorship of the Town's annual observance of Arbor Day.

(8) Review and approve requests to plant, prune, or remove trees on Town-owned or controlled property in accordance with this Ordinance and the Town's adopted standards and practices.

(9) Develop and maintain an inventory of trees on Town-owned or controlled property.

(10) Identify and solicit grants, loans, or contributions from governmental agencies, corporations, organizations, and individuals that benefit the Town's urban forestry program.

>> Visit the Urban Forestry website

The Kernersville Public Trees Ordinance applies to trees on which the trunk, or part of the trunk, is on public property, as well as trees that are encroaching on Town property.



  • Sec. 21-1. - Purpose.

    The purpose of this Ordinance is to regulate and control the planting, maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs on public lands; to encourage the protection of existing trees as assets of the Town; and to establish standard arboricultural specifications and practices to be used for the protection of existing and future trees in the Town of Kernersville.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-2. - Jurisdiction.

    The requirements of this Article shall apply only to Town owned or controlled property, which is property owned or leased by the Town of Kernersville or is property that the Town controls through rights-of-way and easements for public purposes, such as streets, the construction and maintenance of public utilities, the provision of pedestrian access across private land, the development and maintenance of greenways and open space, or the protection of water quality.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-3. - Rights of the town.

    The Town of Kernersville has the inherent power to plant, prune, maintain and remove any tree, plant or shrub on or encroaching on Town owned or controlled property as deemed necessary to ensure public health and safety, to preserve and enhance the symmetry and beauty of public property, or to protect public property, its improvements, and utilities and has established the Kernersville Tree Commission to assist in the management of trees on such property.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Secs. 21-4—21-10. - Reserved.
  • Sec. 21-11. - Definitions.

    ANSI A300 means American National Standards Institute — reference source for standards for management, pruning, fertilization, transplanting, supplemental support systems, lightning protection systems, and integrated vegetation management for trees.

    ANSI Z133.1 means American National Standards Institute — reference source for safety standards for arboricultural operations.

    ANSI Best Management Practices means International Society of Arboriculture has developed these companion publications to aid in the interpretation and implementation of ANSI A300 standards.

    Encroachment Permit means Permit which authorizes public utilities, other government agencies, developers, contractors, civic groups and individuals to perform work on Town controlled Public Rights-of-Way. This permit shall also authorize such persons or entities to perform work on the trees, plants or shrubs in accordance with the terms of this Section (The Kernersville Public Tree Ordinance). This permit is issued by the Public Services Department.

    Pruning means Systematic removal of branches of a plant, usually a woody perennial.

    Public Rights-of-Way means Any sidewalk, planting strip, alley, street, or pathway, improved or unimproved, that is owned by or dedicated to the Town of Kernersville for public use.

    Tree means Any hard-wooded perennial plant, whether coniferous or deciduous, of a species which normally reaches a height of eight feet or more at maturity.

    Tree Canopy means The part of the tree composed of leaves and small twigs that act as the protective cover providing enhancements to our environment through the cooling effect of the shade they produce, air filtering and carbon dioxide reduction, noise reduction, as well as providing aesthetic value to our surroundings.

    Topping (and/or top) is defined in the ANSI A300 standards as the reduction of a tree's size using internodal cuts without regard to the tree's health or structural integrity, and is not an acceptable pruning practice. Other names for topping include "heading", "tipping", "hat-racking", and "rounding over". Topping has been shown to increase the risk of tree failure.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Secs. 21-12—21-20. - Reserved.
  • Sec. 21-21. - Guidelines.

    (a) Town Employees or contractors employed by the Town who are engaged in the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees located on any property owned or controlled by the Town shall adhere to current ANSI A300 standards and ANSI A300 Best Management Practices. Required employee training in ANSI A300 standards shall be provided by the Town.

    (b) All projects using Town funds shall require the use of ANSI A300 standards to be applied during construction, including but not limited to tree planting and construction protection guidelines.

    (c) Any owners, developers, or contractors of Town approved construction projects which include properties designated to be dedicated or conveyed to the Town shall adhere to current ANSI A300 standards and ANSI A300 Best Management Practices concerning but not limited to; a) the protection of existing and newly planted trees during construction, b) planting trees and tree maintenance during construction.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010; Ord. No. O-2014-33, § 8, 12-2-2014)

  • Sec. 21-22. - Removal of dead, damaged, or infested trees.

    The Town shall remove or cause the removal of any dead or diseased trees on Town owned or controlled property, when such trees constitute a hazard to life and property, or harbor insects or disease which constitute a potential threat to other trees within the Town.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-23. - Removal of stumps.

    All tree stumps on Town owned or controlled property shall be removed to a depth of eight inches below the soil surface. This will be accomplished within an appropriate time period as established by the Tree Commission.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-24. - Unauthorized or prohibited tree activities.

    (a) No person shall spray, fertilize, remove, destroy, cut, top or severely prune, including the root system, or treat any tree or shrub having all or any portion of its trunk in or upon any public property without first obtaining an encroachment permit from the Town and without complying strictly with the provisions of the permit and this chapter.

    (b) No person shall plant any tree or shrub on any public street right-of-way or public property without first obtaining an encroachment permit from the Town and without complying strictly with the provisions of the permit and the provisions of this chapter.

    (c) No person shall damage, cut, or carve any tree or shrub having all or any portion of its trunk in or upon any public property; attach any object, including, but not limited to, rope, wire, nail, chain or sign, to any such tree or shrub or attach any such object to the guard or stake intended for the protection of such tree.

    (d) No person shall place, store, deposit, or maintain, upon the ground in any public street or public place, any compacted stone, cement, brick, sand or other materials which may impede or obstruct the free passage of air, water and fertilizer to the roots of any tree or shrub growing in any such street or place without written authorization from the Town.

    (e) No person shall change the natural drainage; excavate any ditches, tunnels, or trenches; or lay any drive within the root protection zone of any tree having all or any portion of its trunk in or upon any public property without obtaining an encroachment permit from the Town and without strictly complying with the provisions of the permit and provisions of this chapter including adherence to ANSI A300 tree protection standards.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-25. - Penalty.

    Each tree damaged or removed without authorization must be replaced by two trees as approved by the Tree Commission, either in the same location (if suitable site conditions exist) or in another Town controlled space that is deemed appropriate by the Commission. The party responsible for the damage or removal may provide funds equivalent to the trees' replacement costs (as determined by the Tree Commission), which funds shall be placed in the Commission's tree planting account in lieu of tree replacement.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010; Ord. No. O-2014-33, § 8, 12-2-2014)

  • Sec. 21-26. - Replacement policy.

    To encourage the continued maintenance of our existing tree canopy, when a tree has to be removed from a Town owned or controlled site, every effort shall be made to replace it by planting a new tree either in the location where one has been removed, or in an adjacent area, or in another location within the Town's owned or controlled property.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-27. - Exemptions.

    Public and private utilities shall submit written specifications for pruning operations to the Town for approval. Specifications shall be reviewed periodically by the Town and the Tree Commission for necessary improvements and as required by modifications in this chapter. Upon approval of its specifications, a utility shall not be required to obtain a permit for routine pruning operations affecting a tree having all or any portion of its trunk in or upon any public property so long as such work is done in strict compliance with the approved specifications. Requests for the removal of trees shall be handled on an individual permit basis. Failure to comply with the approved specifications is a violation of this chapter.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-28. - Waiver.

    The Kernersville Tree Commission shall provide a waiver to the authorization requirement for the pruning or removal of trees on Town owned or controlled property when there is significant tree damage resulting from severe weather, fire or other emergency conditions and where immediate removal of such tree(s) is necessary to protect the health and safety of the public, restore order, restore proper operation of utilities or remove obstructions blocking access to streets and property. The Commission shall provide for such waiver which shall be implemented for a specified period of time or for specified emergency situations.

  • Sec. 21-29. - Appeals.

    Any person or any officer, department, board or commission of the Town may appeal any decision of the Kernersville Tree Commission to the Town Manager. Any appeal shall be taken within thirty (30) days from the rendering of the decision by filing with the Kernersville Tree Commission and the Town Manager a notice of appeal. The decision of the Town Manager shall be final.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

  • Sec. 21-30. - Severability.

    If any provision or provisions of this Ordinance shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

    (Ord. No. O-2010-33, 12-7-2010)

Events, fitness classes, sports teams, and more!

>> Visit the Parks & Recreation Department website

All tree work done on any city property or right-of-way must follow ANSI A300 standards for tree care.

That means no tree topping in Kernersville!

Q & A

For more questions and answers specific to tree work by Beaver Tree Service, check our FAQs page.


Residential open burning (burning leaves, tree branches, yard trimmings, logs, and stumps that originate from your residence) is NOT allowed within the town limits.

It is ONLY allowed in the cities or townships that do not provide yard waste pick-up.

View Open Burning Policies for Towns/Cities Incorporated in Forsyth County.



Tree-Related Programs & Events

Kernersville has been a  Tree City USA town for several years. Learn more about Tree City USA at the Arbor Day Foundation website. 

>>Tree City USA information

Held every year at the Fourth of July Park.

>>More information about the Honeybee Festival

Spend some time in nature with a visit to our local botanical garden, which hosts a variety of events all year long. 

>>Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden website

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