Tree Pruning

There are three big reasons to keep your trees properly pruned:


Broken branches and old, rotting trees can be hazardous to you, your family, and your property. Our tree pruning services mitigate these safety hazards.

Tree Health

Diseased limbs and foliage will invite insect infestations and can even affect other plants in your yard if left alone. Our methods allow your trees to grow strong and healthy.


Don’t let your trees or shrubs outgrow your landscape design. We use trimming and pruning methods to control growth while also maintaining the health of your plants.

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Pruning Methods

Crown Cleaning

Broken, diseased, or dying limbs can cause problems for your tree and are a hazard to you and your property. Crown cleaning allows us to remove the problem branches, leaving a healthier, better-shaped tree behind. A tree more resistant to heavy winds and ice.


Is there a tree in your yard becoming weighed down by its own limbs? During the tree thinning process, we look at the tree from the inside-out and selectively remove branches to reduce the density of the canopy. This can be done to allow more light into your yard, maintain the natural shape of the tree, and make your tree more resistant to heavy winds, ice, and other harsh weather conditions.


Are you constantly ducking around low-hanging branches which block access to your yard or driveway? Do branches scrape and hit the side or roof of your home? By removing the lower branches, we raise the tree’s canopy. Raising can be done to make more room for mowing, to keep branches and foliage from touching your roof, or to create easier access to walkways, driveways, and yard space.


Reductions are done to maintain or reduce the size of a tree, which can be to increase the amount of space in your yard or to make your tree or shrub fit into a landscaping design. Our reduction process controls the height while ensuring the health and longevity of the tree.

Don’t Just Cut Problem Branches

Your tree’s species, age, and time of year can all affect how the tree will respond to pruning. Don’t just cut problem branches: make sure your tree thrives with pruning techniques that fit your unique situation.

One common, but damaging, pruning technique you may see in your neighborhood is called tree topping. We do not perform this – for the health of your tree and your safety. Learn why we don’t top trees >>

When you hire Beaver Tree Service, one of our experts will come to inspect your tree and recommend the best pruning method for your tree.