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Need to Have a Tree Removed?


Storm damage, structural problems, leaning trees, diseased and rotting trees and roots, pest infestations


Too large, too messy, too much shade, clogged gutters, roots causing damage, crowded trees


Broken branches, split trunk, peeling bark - dead and dying trees are a hazard to your family and passers-by




Our tree removal pros have the right equipment (including cranes), technical skills and up-to-date tree care knowledge to remove trees safely. You'd be surprised to see just what we can safely remove, including huge trees and trees hanging over a house.

Plus, we're a fully insured tree care company with two Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff so you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands.


Expert tree removal services for Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding Triad area.

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Get Professional Tree Removal in Winston-Salem, NC

Beaver Tree Service has been providing Winston-Salem, NC with quality tree removal and other tree services since 2017. We’re a small company that’s quickly growing into one of the Triad’s most trusted tree removal experts.

Tree removal offers many benefits for your yard and home:

Increases sun exposure and allows for better grass growth

Improves the appearance of your property by taking out trees that are diseased, damaged or disfigured

Makes space for surrounding trees to grow fuller and healthier

Eliminates overhanging branches which can lead to clogged gutters, roof mold, and pests in your home

Prevents the spread of diseases that can threaten the health of your trees

Removes unsafe trees that can fail unexpectedly, causing property damage and possible injury to your family and passers-by

I used Beaver Tree Service to remove four very large trees and five smaller ones along with some stump grinding. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience. They brought all the heavy equipment needed to do the job and even put large mats on the ground wherever they were working to keep from damaging the grass. The team was very efficient and well coordinated in everything they did. They also used all the proper safety equipment, including a communication system in their helmets. Before they left, they cleaned up the work areas to the point you couldn’t tell they had been there. I was extremely impressed with Beaver Tree Service and I would definitely use them again. Highly recommended.

Jim Williams

Beaver Tree Service took down a large dead tree from my yard today. These guys are awesome. They came out in the rain to give me a quote. They showed up when they said they would. They were efficient, courteous, and very neat. Except for where the massive trunk hit the ground, you would never know they had been there. Even with the ground as wet as it has been they left no tracks and no mess. I can't say enough about how pleased I am. I highly recommend Beaver Tree Service to anyone looking for an experienced and efficient team.

Janet Sockwell

We do more than just tree removal in Winston-Salem!

Stump Grinding

Old tree stumps are more than an eyesore in your yard. If left alone, tree stumps can lead to a number of issues, including rot, mold, fungi growth, and diseases which can spread to other trees in your yard. Tree stumps also become home to insects and other pests, and can eventually resprout into a new tree.

Emergency Tree Removal in Winston-Salem

Bad weather, accidents, and other situations can leave a felled tree or large branches that damage your home or property. If you need emergency tree services in Winston-Salem, call 336-416-0550 and we’ll send someone to assess your problem as soon as possible.

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